When Will TurboTax Send My Tax Refund?

Anyone who submits a tax return wants to know when they’re going to get their tax refund. This is especially the case for anyone who wants to submit an early tax return with TurboTax.

The problem was that when everyone had to submit their taxes on paper, it was extremely difficult to predict when you would receive your return. The process worked by submitting your paper return in the mail. Someone on the other end would scan and input your information. The treasury then had to cut you a check and send it back.

When Will I Get My Refund from TurboTax?

The tax filing and refund process is faster now than it used to be. With the advent of online tax filing, TurboTax can now get you your refund as soon as eight days after you file. But you do have to opt to receive your refund by direct deposit.

However, the IRS has yet to announce when they will begin accepting tax returns for the upcoming tax year. If we look at previous years, though, we can see a trend.

How to get your tax refund fast with TurboTax.

Based on previous years and the number of changes to the tax code, we can predict that the IRS will begin accepting tax returns for the new tax season around January 27th, 2021.

The tax filing deadline you need to be aware of is April 15th, 2021.

How Early Can I File My Taxes in 2021?

The IRS may be opening the tax filing season in late January 2021, but there’s no need to wait until then to file your taxes. TurboTax will be released starting in mid-November so that you can be one of the first in line to get your tax refund. TurboTax will securely hold your tax return and submit it to the IRS the minute the doors open to file taxes.

What Are the IRS Tax Refund Schedule Dates for 2021?

The IRS hasn’t released any form of a schedule or calendar with dates in the last few years. They do continue to provide guidance that most taxpayers will receive their refunds in 21 days or less from the date the return was received. They’re also advising taxpayers that many tax programs allow returns to be filed before the official start of the tax season.

Do remember, however, that the actual return won’t be filed with the IRS until the day the tax season begins. TurboTax will simply hold the return until it can be filed on your behalf.

What About Mailing in Your Tax Return?

While it is true that you can officially mail in your tax return on January 1st, 2021, the processing time adds at least six to eight weeks, so even though you can file it earlier, the chances are it’s not worth it if you want your refund anytime soon.

TurboTax Online Makes Getting Your Refund Easy!

With TurboTax Online, you can expect to get your refund back as soon as possible! There is literally no way for you to get it any sooner.

They ask you simple questions, and based on your answers, they help you select which version of TurboTax would be the most beneficial for you to use and guide you to filing an accurate tax return.

How to File Taxes Online in 3 Simple Steps With TurboTax

Remember, with TurboTax Online Tax Filing we’ll ask you simple questions and fill out the right forms for you. We’ll find every tax deduction and credit you qualify for to get you the biggest tax refund, guaranteed!