The IRS Tax Refund Cycle Chart Dates

At one point in the past, the IRS used to issue an IRS refund cycle chart so taxpayers could be aware of when their refunds would arrive. However, in 2012 the IRS stopped issuing this chart. The good news is helpful tools are available, which replace the chart, while helping you understand the refund cycle for 2019, 2020.
Tax refund cycle chart dates
This means that the IRS is not going to be providing you with an instant refund date. Nevertheless, when you file your taxes online they provide you with an estimation date.

Are There Any Estimated Refund Cycle Charts Available Yet?

The IRS may not have issued their 2020 Refund Schedule, but there are plenty of them spread throughout the web. However, they are composed of estimates based on trends from previous years. Usually, they are based on how you opted to get your refund – check or direct deposit.

When looking at tax refund cycle dates keep in mind that the dates on the chart are not set in stone. These dates are composed of previous year’s trends. Additionally, your return may take longer than projected because there could have been some issues that came up when an IRS representative was reviewing your tax return. This is why we always recommend that you wait a couple of days after you have filed your return to check the Where’s My Refund Tool.

The upcoming tax season is currently set to start in mid-January and should end on April 15, 2019. This means that you need to file your tax return forms as soon as possible to receive your largest refund ever. They have tax experts to help you through the process and their software is very easy to use.

Filing your taxes online has never been so easy. Start filing your federal tax return free and be sure to get the biggest refund possible!