Tax Refund Delay for Parents in 2017

If you’re claiming the earned income tax credit 2016 or the additional child tax credit 2016, don’t expect to see those refunds happen immediately.

Tax refund delay

With the 2017 tax-season opening soon, the Internal Revenue Service says these delays are in lieu of recent upgrades in anti-fraud regulation this coming year. The regulation will help agents sniff out fraudulent claims and stop scammers right in their tracks.

Want to avoid being subject to tax fraud? Tim Steffen, director of financial planning at Robert W. Baird & Co., even suggests that taxpayers file as early as they can to avoid being subjected to delayed taxes and suspected tax fraudulence. It could really expedite your claims to file for your tax refund on time, even early, if possible, and avoid a refund delay.

For other refund-types, the IRS says that those refund dates should still be within 21 days, though. So this gives hope to some of the taxpayers at least.

Currently, the IRS wants to focus its attention of giving this message out to the taxpayers.

Prior Tax Year Scams Have Caused Delays in Tax Refunds

An overwhelming number of scammers have been filing ahead of people to claim their taxes before the person even has the opportunity to file. This makes it even more difficult for you to get your tax refund back because there are time-consuming steps that need to be taken by the IRS to identify and verify the fraud claims.

In 2016 alone, more than 102 million tax refunds were refunded. The national average on these tax refunds was an astounding $2,700. So it’s imperative for the IRS to pay even closer attention to catch the scammers the first time around.

2013 was a year of tyranny in the tax refund world, where $30 billion in returns were fake. With the diligence of the justice department, the IRS was able to recover $24 billion. However, that still left $7 billion in stolen money from fraudsters.

The IRS is doing everything in its power to prevent fraudsters from coming after your tax refund.


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