IRS New 1040 Tax Form

As part of a drive to simplify the tax filing process, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) intends on making Form 1040 shorter and easier to understand in time for the upcoming tax season.

The brand-new Form 1040 is about half of the current size of the form. It would also replace Form 1040, 1040A, and 1040EZ. The IRS has already released a copy of the new 1040.

1040 form

These new changes will enable all 150 million taxpayers to file the new 1040 form.

There will no longer be three different 1040 forms. The IRS, however, will still be able to get the information they need from taxpayers via this new form.

The new Form 1040 is just a base. Taxpayers can add additional schedules if they have more complicated tax affairs. They can do this without the need to submit additional forms, though. Simple tax affairs can be addressed through the basic Form 1040.

Since 90% of taxpayers use either specialized software or the services of a tax preparer, the IRS has decided to work with the tax community over this coming summer. This will allow a smoother transition for anyone involved with the tax interview process and various tax preparation software options.

Any taxpayers who prefer to file paper forms will also take advantage of this new Form 1040. Additional schedules may also be added.

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