How to Buy, Sell or Attract Investment to Your Company

If you’re a business owner or investor looking to buy, sell or attract investment to your company, you should add The Growth Club podcast to your sources of helpful information.

Growth Club host, Drew Thompson, interviews guests and takes an in depth look at every aspect of a transaction to buy or sell a business, including business investmentpreparation, valuation, brokerage options, confidential information memoranda, researching potential buyers, investors and other companies, quality of earnings reporting, due diligence, negotiation, documentation and closing.

Our guest list consists of successful people from the business world, including Transworld affiliate owner, Mike Berry who discussed his experience prior to joining the world of business intermediaries, and the work Transworld does today, primarily helping sellers successfully exit their businesses at the right time.

Future guests will include Doug Kouns of Veracity IIR, an investigation firm that handles due diligence and fraud related matters so a buyer can be sure its getting the deal its looking for. Doug is a retired FBI agent and also shares tales from the frontlines of many years of white collar criminal investigations and other great stories relating to law enforcement and business transactions.

Other guests in the future will be: Jeff Smith, one of the most experienced “buy side” specialists in the country. Jeff works with owners, family offices, executive retirees and others who are seeking the right business to buy, own and operate to fulfill their dreams of owning and managing a successful business;

Richard Samuels, one of the most intentional and diligent urban “matchmakers”, helping neighborhoods survive and become more safe, past felons to find and succeed in jobs outside the prison system, and inner city entrepreneurs accomplish their dreams. Richard lives out every aspect of these dreams and helps to pay it forward to the next person on a journey like he’s walked himself.

Each week The Growth Club brings educational, informative and entertaining dialogue to help listeners navigate previously uncharted waters in the world of small and mid-size mergers and acquisitions. Don’t miss an episode of The Growth Club, you’ll be glad you joined in!

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