How Much Does TurboTax Charge to Efile Federal Tax Returns?

When it comes to filing taxes, many people turn to TurboTax for its user-friendly interface and ease of use.

TurboTax Pricing

However, one question that arises when using the platform is how much it charges to efile federal tax returns.

In this article, we will break down the cost of using TurboTax to file your federal taxes and provide some tips to help you save money.

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TurboTax Online Pricing Options

TurboTax offers several pricing options, each with different features and costs. The most popular options include:

1. Free Edition: This option is best for simple tax returns, including W-2 income, limited interest, and unemployment. This option is free for federal and state filing and offers basic tax support.

2. Deluxe Edition: This option is designed for homeowners and those with more tax deductions. It costs $69 for federal filing and $59 per state filing.

3. Premium Edition: This option is best for those with investments, rental property, or self-employment income. It costs $129 for federal filing and $59 per state filing.

4. Self-Employed Edition: This option is ideal for freelancers and small business owners. It costs $129 for federal filing and $59 per state filing.

Tips to Save Money on TurboTax E-Filing Fees

If you want to save money on e-filing fees when using TurboTax, there are a few tips you can follow:

1. Consider the Free Edition: If your tax return is simple and you don't have many deductions, consider trying the Free Edition of TurboTax. This option includes free e-filing for federal and state returns.

2. Choose the Right Edition: Make sure to choose the TurboTax edition that best fits your tax situation. Selecting the wrong edition can result in additional fees that could have been avoided.

3. Use a Promo Code Discount: TurboTax often offers promo code discounts that can help you save money on e-filing fees. Check online for current promo code discounts before purchasing TurboTax software.

4. File Early: If you file your taxes early, you can avoid rush fees and save money on e-filing fees.

The cost to e-file your federal tax return with TurboTax varies depending on the pricing option you choose.

The Free Edition includes free e-filing for federal and state returns, while the Deluxe, Premier, and Self-Employed editions charge an additional $59 per state return.

By following the tips above, you can save money on TurboTax e-filing fees and make the most of your tax return.

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