How H&R Block Will Ensure Your Tax Return is Accurate

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H&R Block always keeps their clients best interests in mind. However, they have realized that some people are getting more than what they deserve to receive.

How this is Possible

When it comes to claiming the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), the steps required vary depending on whether a person comes in store or fills out the forms via the software. When someone comes into an H&R Block office, they have to provide answers to various personal questions to ensure they are qualified yet doing it online they are not asked these questions.

H & R Block believes this should change and they are bringing attention to this issue. They believe that the EITC is an important and awesome credit because it helps their clients who really deserve it change their financial troubles. Some writers, however, are not so happy with H & R Block bringing attention to this and have started saying some not so nice things about them.

Why H&R Block Cares

H & R Block cares about whether or not people are fraudulently claiming the credit because they feel as though the IRS should not be giving out improper payments. Everyone should have to answer the same questions and provide verification documents to ensure that they are getting the credit only if they deserve it.

According to the Department of Treasury, close to $19 billion was paid out to people who did not deserve the EITC credit. Therefore, H & R Block is determined to get the word out about DIY software’s playing a huge roll in this, in hopes that it will decrease the fraud and improper payments that are connected to the EITC.

By doing this, they feel that those who deserve it will be able to continue to receive the credit and get the financial assistance that they need and deserve.

In the end, they have their customer’s best interest in mind. Imagine what would happen if billions keep going out each year? They feel that it could be the end of the EITC credit altogether.

Filing Your Taxes With H&R Block Online

Remember, when you file your taxes with H&R Block, you don’t need to know which schedules to fill out.

We’ll import your W2, ask you simple questions about your life and put your answers on all the appropriate forms.

You can even estimate your tax refund in advance with their Free tax refund calculator.

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