Five Ways to Save on Your Next Sporting Event

Sporting events are year round, which means you will be glued to your big screen to watch your favorite team, or you may venture out to see the game live. If you choose to see your favorite team live, you will be spending a ton of money. The good news is you can watch the game in person without spending a fortune if you consider the following ways to save money.

Buy Cheap Seats

If you want to save money when attending a sporting event, purchase cheap seats or purchase your tickets during a promotion. For example, there are student discounts and military discounts available for many events. Additionally, even if you cannot find a promotion that you are eligible for cheap seats are usually not that expensive. You don’t have to be in the very front rows to enjoy yourself.

Lastly, when you do find tickets make sure you see what fees are added to your online purchase. You may be able to save money by picking your tickets up at the purchase window instead of shipping them to your home.

Go with Mid-Week Games

Games during the week are not as popular as weekend games. Therefore, going to a game on a weekday will save you money on tickets. Additionally, if you go when the team plays a less popular opponent, tickets will be priced reasonably. The other benefit is the stadium will not be as crowded so you may be able to score some decent seats.

Skip Stadium Parking

Stadium parking is expensive and when it’s time to leave it is hard to get out of. Usually, you can find cheaper parking nearby or you could skip parking costs altogether by taking public transportation. Keep in mind when parking offsite you want to make sure it is in a lighted area and the attendant who took your money will be their until the game is over.

Purchase Souvenirs Outside of the Game Area

football jerseyLike food, purchasing team gear and souvenirs on the game site is expensive. You can purchase them online at sites like eBay, Amazon or Fanatics, etc. for much cheaper prices. There are many online sports apparel stores that provide free shipping, very competitive prices and a great selection.

If you prefer to buy merchandise in a local store, wait until the end of the season when sports apparel stores clear out their inventory with clearance sales. Alternatively, you can go to sporting events on days when they give away free bobble heads, hats or t-shirts so you spend no additional money at all.

Don’t Purchase Food at the Event

Purchasing food during sporting events is costly. You can expect to spend at minimum $6 on a beer, $3 on a hot dog and $10 for a hamburger. If you are trying to save money, purchasing from the concession stands is not a good idea. It is recommended that you eat at home before you go to the game. However, if you have to eat during the game, go when they are having food promotions.

Football Ticket Tax Deductions

The IRS gives you a choice to treat it as entertainment or as a gift. Under the tax law, businesses are limited to deducting $25 per gift per person in a tax year. So if you gave a client a $100 ticket as a gift, you can deduct only $25. Keep in mind, if the tickets are to be considered an entertainment expense, you’ll have to engage in a business discussion with your client or customer before, during or after the event. Visit H&R Block to learn more about entertainment tax deductions.


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