A Few Things to Know About the IRS Refund Schedule

The IRS has used a system called Refund Cycle Chart which helped people determine the scheduled refund date. This estimation was based on the date when your return was accepted by the IRS. Every year the IRS has published an annual Refund Cycle Chart.

But, starting from 2012, the IRS has stopped with this chart and revealed a new tool called Where’s My Refund which helps taxpayers to find refund estimate dates based on their individual status.

It is a well known fact that refunds are usually issued within 3 weeks, but this is not a rule. In cases of mistakes and errors in your return or some other problems (discrepancy, offset etc.) the tax payers can experience processing delays.

Those filling returns electronically can check the progress within one day, but those who mailed a paper return may have to wait for one month.

Even after this period has passed taxpayers still won’t know the exact IRS tax refund schedule, but they can begin tracking the progress of their return.

Those who want to check their refund status can use the sophisticated Where’s My Refund tool found on the official IRS website.

They can get this information in any period of the day – 24/7. In order to get information you will need to have three things – social security number, the exact sum of your expected refund and filing status. Since the system is updated every 24 hours you should check this status once a day.

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