Can I Get My W-2 from H&R Block?

get w2 hr block

The W-2 form is a source of frustration every year. Legally, employers are only required to send out W-2 forms by January 31st every year, or the following business day if this date falls on a holiday or weekend.

But just because they must send it doesn’t mean you’ll get it before then. They only have to send it you don’t have to receive it by this date.

However, you can get your W2 from H&R Block for free. Known as the W-2 Early Access service, this allows you to receive an electronic version of your W-2 so you can get started on your taxes early.

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How Does the W2 Early Access Work?

There are just three steps to follow to get your W-2 form early.

Step One – Search for your company by entering the name of your employer or their Federal Employer Identification Number. Select the right employer from the list.

Step Two – You’ll receive instructions on how you can obtain your online w-2 copy through H&R Block. Take note, your form may not be available yet. If it’s not, you can subscribe to H&R Block to receive an email notification when it becomes available.

Step Three – H&R Block stores all W-2 forms securely until you access it.

How Often Does H&R Block Update its W2 Database?

There are approximately 70 million W-2 forms stored within H&R Block’s database.

H&R Block updates its database weekly. So just give them your email address, and they’ll tell you when it’s available to collect.

Get Your Tax Refund as Soon as You Can

When you get your refund depends on when you submit your tax return. The earlier you submit it, the faster your refund will get to you. The IRS aims to process most refunds within 21 business days.

The Early Access service helps taxpayers get around the frustration of the mailing system and slow employers.

As soon as you get your W-2 from H&R Block, you’ll be able to begin filing your taxes. You don’t need to wait until the IRS begins accepting tax returns to fill out your taxes.

Do it as soon as you can, and then it will be sent to the IRS by H&R Block the same day the IRS begins accepting tax returns from taxpayers.